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【中英文】我在异乡的日子 Moving to England
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My family and I used to live in Belgium and, to me, life was great. Most of my 1)extended family live there, so there was never a loss of aunts to 2)spoil me or cousins to play with. My Dad is a journalist, but there wasn't much work for him in Belgium at that time. When I was eight, he announced he'd found a 3)permanent job in London and that we were going to move. I was excited—I didn't realize that I was leaving family and friends behind and throwing myself into a different world. The excitement soon 4)wore off when the reality of things began to sink in.http://www.24en.com 爱思英语网


New Beginnings

We moved over Christmas and I had to start a new school and learn a new language. I didn't even have a 5)uniform at first because in Belgium the 6)majority of schools don't have one. I didn't know what the latest fashions were, what was in and what was out. It took a while for me to 7)get into the swing of things. And for the first six months I had extra lessons in order to learn English. This started with 8)flashcards and 9)progressed towards books. I'm a pretty quick learner, so I soon caught up. It was more of the social 10)aspect and 11)fitting in with the rest of my 12)peers that took a bit more work.


For the first two years or so I was an outsider no matter how much I tried to fit in. Sometimes it was my English that failed me while other times it was the culture 13)clash. This made me shy and 14)self-conscious—a perfect target for 15)bullies. There was one girl who 16)went out of her way to make my life 17)miserable and would often make 18)racist 19)remarks, amongst all the other 20)insults she threw at me. Thankfully, some of my classmates began to 21)stick up for me, and these people became invaluable as they helped me iron out the things that made me stand out as a "foreigner."

在最初的两年多里,不管如何努力融入,我始终是一个外人。阻碍我的有时候是我的英语,有时候则是文化冲突。这让我变得害羞和忸怩——这就成了被欺负的最佳目标。有个女孩不厌其烦地跟我过不去。她经常说一些带种族歧视的话,还对我多番羞辱。幸运的是,一些同学开始维护我。他们对我的意义是无法衡量的,因为他们帮我消除了那些让我成为"外国人"的东西。http://www.24en.com 爱思英语网

By the time I left primary school to go to secondary school, most people couldn't believe I'd only moved to England four years before. I'm good at languages and have managed to 22)grasp the English language pretty well, even though I still have 23)slip-ups now, when I'll come out with French or Dutch words. I think I was lucky that I was eventually able to fit in, grasp the language and 24)adapt to the culture. When I go to Belgium and ask for baked beans on toast, my relatives remark on my "English ways"—I guess baked beans isn't too popular over there!


My advice to anyone who has just moved countries, or is planning to, is to try and find somewhere where you fit in. "Fitting in" doesn't mean losing yourself completely and trying to be something you're not, but it does mean trying to adopt the new culture and language you find yourself surrounded by. English may seem 25)complicated, the food may seem strange compared to what you're used to, and the way things are done may seem unusual, but learning these things makes life easier in the long run. A balance needs to be found between your old life and your new life.http://www.24en.com 爱思英语网


Missing Home


Homesickness, however, takes a while to wear off, if ever. The younger you are, the easier it should be because you have less memories and 26)attachments to the place you've just left. I remember 27)pleading with my Mum to go back home. I didn't stop pleading until recently, when I started to regard both Belgium and England as my home. Belgium will always be my home, but I've grown up here, so surely that 28)counts for something?http://www.24en.com 爱思英语网


My Mum's recently moved back to Belgium to start up a business and my little sister may be joining her soon. For my sister it will be like moving to a completely new country, because she grew up in London and things will be very different from what she's used to. I'm not sure if I'll be moving back as well, but I'd have to seriously consider it before I made my decision. It would mean having to find somewhere to fit in again, leaving behind my best friends, and where would I get Yorkshire pudding from? If I do move though, at least I'll be prepared. Once you've moved once, you're definitely more prepared for the next time.

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