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Nurse: Hou do you do. Welcome. I'm the nurse in chage of this ward. We hope you will feel at home here. This is nurse Wang.

Patient: Sorry to bother you all.

N: If you need anything,just press this button.

P: Is it possible for my sister to stay here with me?

N: Yes, but she has to pay for her bed. Does she want to have meals here too? We don't think it is necessary. Your Condition isn't so serious.
   可以,但是得交陪住费。她也在这里用饭吗?我们想不需要. 你的病情不那么严重。

P: What are the hours here for meals?

N: Patients usually get at 7 AM. Breakfast is at 8 o'clock. The ward rounds and treatment start at 9 AM. Lunch at noon. After that you have a nap or rest. visiting hours are from 3-7 PM. Super is at 6 PM. Bed time is from9:30-10:00 PM.

P: Will you show me where the sitting-room, bathroom and telephone are?

N: Of course. Are you Muslim?  

P: Yes, I am.
   No, I am not.

N: Which kind of food do you prefer, Chinese or Western?

P: I prefer Western food.
   I like Chinese food very much.

N: Have you eaten breakfast(lunch, super) already?

P: Yes, I have.
   NO, I have not.

N: How is your appetite?

P: Not so good.
   Just so so.
   I have no appetite at all.

N: What are your eating habits?

P: I don't eat much. I would like to have a snack in the afternoon and befor going to bed.
   I don't like greasy food.
   I prefer more vegetables than meat.
   Since I am overweight, I only take fish and chicken.
   I don't like sweet things.

N: Are you allergic to certain foods like prawns or shrimps?

P: I am allergic to sea food.

N: DO you like fruit?

P: Yes, Please give me some with each meal.

N: Do you prefer a consommé or a cream soap?
   Do you prefer milk or sour milk?
   Do you prefer black tea, jasmine tea, or coffee?
   Do you take sugar with your milk(tea, coffee)?
   DO you like your egg soft-boiled, hard-boiled or fried?

P: I like rice gruel(porridge, noodles, toast).
   Please give me some fruit juice (iced water, mineral water).
   Please don't give me any cakes. I only want soda-crackers.
   Since my teeth are bad, please give me soft foods and tender meat.

N: Please try to eat a little more. It will help you recover more quickly.

P: It is too noisy(hot, cold draughty).

N: May I close(Open) the door?
   May I close (open)the window?
   May I turn on(off) the heat?
   May i turn on(Of) the light?
   Let me adjust the ear conditioner.

P: I am hungry(thirsty constipated).
   I cough a lot.
   I don't sleep well at night.
   he wound is hurting.

N: I'll go and get you some cough mixture(a sleeping pill, a laxative, a tranquilizer, a pain-killer).

P: May I have another pillow(blanket)?

N: DO you want clean pajamas?

P: Yes,thank you . Please bring me a dressing gown too.
   是的,谢谢你. 请再给我拿件晨衣来.

N: Do you want to have a bed-bath?

P: I'd rather have a shower.
   I would like my hair washed(cut).
   I would like to have a shave.

N: May I throw these flowers away?

P: Yes, please put these flower in a vase.

N: Mrs. Smith, you are wanted on the ghone.

P: Is it a long distance call?

N: NO. It's from your embassy(delegation).
   不是. 是从你们大使馆(代表团)打来的。

Doctor: We are going to do the operation on you tomorrow. Ihope you won't worry.

P: I will try not to, but will it hurt?

D: We'll give you anaesthesia. If you feel any pain during the operation, just let me know.
   我们会给你麻药的. 手术期间你若觉得痛就告诉我们。
 Have you hand in you consent yet?

P: How should I write it?

D: "I (name) the undersigned have requested and consented to a certain operation. " That's all. We need the seal of your embassy and the signatur of your Ambassador on the consent form.

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