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1.偷窃 TheftTh


In foreign countries, Chinese students are particularly easier targets for thieves, who often look down at their mobile phones while walking. So:

① 走在街上一定不要把手机和钱包放在外套口袋,最好是放在内衬或者紧贴大腿的口袋,平时小场面尽量不带集中装有许多卡和证件的钱包出门,选择小小的挂脖卡包,或者把零钱分散的放在贴身口袋会比较保险。

Do not put your mobile phone and wallet in your coat pocket when walking in the street. It is better to put them in the inner lining or the pockets close to your thighs. At ordinary and casual occasions, you should try not to take out the wallet with many cards and certificates in it.

② 不要专注玩手机而忘记关注身边的情况,如果需要边走路边使用手机请记得把背包背在胸前!如果有人试图撞你或用其他手段分散你的注意力,一定时间护住自己的包。

Don't focus on playing with your phone and forget to pay attention to the surroundings. If you need to use your phone while walking, please remember to carry your backpack on your chest! If someone tries to bump into you or distract you by other means, protect your bag first!

③ 在外面吃饭或者玩耍的时候,贵重物品请勿随意丢在桌子上,行李箱和包包不能离开视线,不要放在椅背和身体之间。

When eating or hanging outside, please do not leave valuables on the table, suitcases and bags out of sight, and do not put them between the back of the chair and your body.

④ 出门一定要将护照和BRP单独放好,补办BRP要交56-600磅噢!

You must put your passport and BRP separately when you go out. It costs 56-600 pounds to apply for BRP.

2.抢劫 Robbery


Robbery may be more serious consequences than theft. Since it is a violent means, it will more or less do harm to personal safety, we must always remember to stay in the truth of green mountains, personal safety is always the first!!

① 飞车抢手机是个较为常见的抢劫行为,那么在街边走路,尤其是等红绿灯的时候如果要使用手机,请尽量在人多的地方往里站。

Motorcycling robbing cell phones is a relatively common robbery behavior, so when walking in the street, especially when waiting for traffic lights if you want to use a cell phone, please try to stand in a crowded place.

② 晚上,不论男女,请不要一个人走夜路。白天也要多留意人烟稀少的地方,要提高警惕防范尾随。

At night, men and women, please do not walk alone at night. During the day, also, pay more attention to sparsely populated areas, to be vigilant against stalking.

③ 手机要设置紧急呼叫的按钮,紧急联系人最好是在英国受自己信任的朋友,因为父母在国内可能接不到电话,并且有时差存在。

The emergency call button should be set on the mobile phone, and the emergency contact should be a friend who is trusted in the UK, as parents may not have access to the phone at home and suffer from jet lag.

3.性骚扰 Sexual Harassment


In the UK, the problem of sexual harassment is common for both men and women. Even during the day, there are some cases of people being dragged into an alley and raped while in a group, especially for those who like to go to nightclubs.

① 记住禁区不只有红灯区,还有人烟稀少的公园or小巷子。

Remember that the red-light district is not the only restricted zone, also some place like sparsely populated parks or alleyways should be careful to.

② 尽量结伴而行、不在夜间出行。

Be in groups, go outside more at daytime rather than night.

③ 遇到公众场合强行抓住自己骚扰的人,一定要大声警告他松开不然就要报警,并让周围人听见,态度明确,不要因为害怕就不说话。

If you encounter someone who forcibly catches you in a public place, you must warn him loudly to let go or you will call the police and let the people around you hear. Be clear in your attitude, and don't keep silence because of fear.

④ 在必要时,可以进行一击入魂的反击并迅速逃跑。

When necessary, you can strike back to genitals and run away as fast as you can.


Prepare for the worst before you have a good trip: if these bad things have happened, how to deal with that?


Calm down!


Check BRP and Passport are still there


问题不大 No problem


Check your bank card/credit card again. If it is stolen or robbed, call the bank immediately to stop using the card. If it is the bank of England, you can be sent a new card.

护照丢失!passport lost!


Call the nearest Chinese embassy and apply for a new passport or you won't be able to go back.

BRP丢失!BRP lost!



-回国补办临时Visa(replacement visa)


C. 如果你在中国则申请一次性visa,入境英国后所有流程和A一样,临时Visa费用为大约150磅

A. If you are still in the UK, you can go to the UK government website to report the loss and make up for it. Normal replacement fee = 56 pounds, plus delivery fee is about 100 pounds, which take 2~3 monthst. Expedit fee = 600 pounds, which takes about one week, and super expedite fee is about 10,000 pounds, which takes just one day

B. When in other countries except China and the UK, you have two options:

- Apply for temporary Visa back in China (replacement Visa)

- Apply for a one-time visa at the British embassy in that country

C. If you are in China, you can apply for a one-time visa. After entering the UK, all the procedures are the same as A. The temporary visa fee is about 150 pounds


Last step: Alarm


Alarm is divided into two case, one is the telephone alarm, the other is to report to the police station

电话报警 telephone alarm

1. 紧急情况拨打999,因为是应对所有类型紧急情况的求助电话,所以需要表达清楚是需要医疗急救,火警还是民警,简洁说明你是谁,你在哪,发生什么事之后接线员会根据实际情况判断如何帮助你。报警完毕后保持电话畅通等待救助。

In an emergency, dial 999 because it is the number for all types of emergencies, so you need to make it clear whether you need medical aid, fire or police, and explain simply who you are, where you are and what has happened. The operator will then decide how to help you based on the actual situation. After the alarm is finished, keep on the line and wait for help.

2. 非紧急则拨打101,可以解决的是未危害人身安全的情况,除了耗时久一些其余同上。

If it is not urgent, dial 101. What can be solved is the situation that does not endanger personal safety. In addition, it takes longer to solve your problem.

警局报警 police station

1. 所有警察局里都有reception,会有很多人在排队,这和在银行办业务一样,先和reception说明你想寻求什么帮助,然后等待警察接待你,如果是需要立案的案情,你会需要填写一张囊括你个人信息和案件详情的表格,不用紧张,你会得到耐心的引导。

There are receptions at every police station and there will be many people in the queue, which, the same as doing business at a bank, first explain clearly what kind of help do you need, and then wait for police officer to give you a form to complete, which contains your personal information and the details of the case, and don't worry, you'll get patient guidance.

2. 例外是发生性骚扰的时候,需要立刻报警,抓住这个嫌疑人之后,警察会需要你去局子里做笔录,因为这个行为被视为犯罪,不要觉得麻烦而自己忍了噢。

The exception is sexual harassment, you need to call the police immediately, after catching the suspect, the police will need you to go to the station to record, because this behavior is considered a crime, do not feel troublesome or suffer in silence.


In Britain, small cities are generally safer and the crime rate is lower, but in big cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham, criminals are more rampant. Usually a bit higher vigilance is always harmless, also don't panic in emergency circumstances, think about how to deal with. After all, studying abroad is a process of exercising independence and ability to deal with things. We should learn to protect ourselves. Finally, I wish all my friends a safe and happy time studying aboard in the UK!
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